VIII Pentecost 2019 Bulletin

“And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.”

Acts 2:42


SUN04.08St Dominic OP VIII Post Pent.
07:30Morning PrayersChapel
08:30Mass & Homily StADM p.1365/821. Chapel
10:00Breaking FastRoedean Cafe
MON05.08Our Lady of the SnowBVM.
07:30Morning PrayersChapel
08:30Mass & Homily StADM p1367.Chapel
09:30Breaking Fast@Cosy Cafe
07:30Morning PrayersChapel
08:30Mass & Homily StADM p.1368.Chapel
10:00Breaking Fast@Roedean Cafe
17:30Evening PrayersChapel
WED07.08St CajetanConfessor.
07:30Morning PrayersChapel
08:30Mass & Homily StADM p.1373.Chapel
09:30Breaking Fast @Cosy Cafe
17:30Holy Hour & BenedictionChapel
18:45Conference NEW “Tradition”Chapel
20:00Fish Supper@Bardsleys
THU08.08St Cyriacus, Largus & SmaragdusMartyrs.
07:30Morning PrayersChapel
08:30Mass & Homily StADM p.1378.Chapel
10:00Breaking Fast@Cosy Cafe
FRI09.08St John Mary VianneyConfessor.
07:30Morning PrayersChapel
08:30Mass & Homily StADM p.1381. Chapel
10:00Breaking Fast@Roedean Cafe
17:30Evening PrayersChapel
SAT10.08St Laurence, DeaconMartyr.
07:30Morning PrayersChapel
08:30 Mass & Homily StADM p.1383.Chapel
09:30Breaking FastChapel
10:00Catechism “Discerning God’s will”Chapel
SUN11.08IX Post Pentecost.
07:30Morning PrayersChapel
08:30Mass & Homily StADM p.826/1388.Chapel

Sunday VIII Post Pentecost

At Pentecost the Church received the outpouring of the Holy Ghost and today’s liturgy shows us its happy results. This blessed Spirit makes us children of God since we are led by Him to say in simple truth: Our Father. Therefore we are assured of our heavenly inheritance (Epistle). But to obtain this assurance we must live for God, in living by Him (Collect), letting ourselves be led in all things by the Spirit of God (Epistle), so shall we one day be welcomed by God into everlasting dwellings (Gospel).
The Gospel tells us, in the form of a parable, how we can use the “mammon of iniquity” to make sure of our entry into everlasting dwellings. An unjust steward, charged with having wasted his master’s goods, makes friends for himself with the help of the goods the latter had entrusted to his care, so that after his disgrace there might be those who would receive him into their houses.
Thus, teaches our Lord, should the children of light rival the energy of the children of the world, and copying the foresight of this functionary, make use of the goods placed at their disposal by almighty God to help the needy, thus making for themselves friends in heaven. For those who have borne their privations on earth in a Christian spirit will pass to the world above and will there bear witness to their benefactors at the time when all will have to give account of their stewardship to the divine Judge.

Pray for today’s martyrs…

When Christian families are attacked, Abishek, a local Open Doors partner, is there to help. He visits to encourage them and to provide practical support or legal assistance. One family that Abishek helped had lost their father, the breadwinner of the house, “He was a strong believer,” says Abishek. “He used to distribute the Bibles. And he used to help the new believers and the poor believers in that area.”
This man came to the attention of the Naxalites, a militant Maoist group in the area. Extremist Hindus in remote areas co-ordinate with the Naxalites because the group is armed. Naxalites are known to kill Christians if instigated or bribed. “At 4am, early in the morning, the Naxalites came from the jungle and took this man from his own home. They took him to the jungle and shot him. It was terrible to see. Such a heinous killing, so brutal. They killed this man of God.”
As the family grieved for their father, their own lives were still at risk. The Naxalites threatened to kill the family – his wife Jenita* and their three young children – if they went to the police to report what had happened.
Thanks to the gifts and prayers of Open Doors supporters, Abishek was able to help the family move to a safer home. He gave them food and will continue to support them. When the children reach school age, he will be able to provide their school fees.
He was also able to bring the family comfort and encouragement, and the knowledge that they’re not alone or forgotten. He says, “I went to that family and I cried with them, I encouraged them, I comforted them from the word of God. Jenita was telling me, ‘Thank you so much. Nobody has come like that and comforted us.’”
Abishek often provides a rapid response to emergencies like this, when Christians are attacked for their faith.
He says, “We help them if their house is burnt. We provide them with some help to really repair that house. If they have been beaten up then we take them to hospital and we provide them with good treatment. If they have been expelled from their village or from their home then we give them shelter by taking them into another village so they can be safe there.”
Abishek also says the comfort and care that he and other Open Doors local partners are able to bring by being with persecuted believers in person is really vital.
“We encourage them; we comfort them; we stand with them shoulder to shoulder and we share their sorrows.”
Rapid Response teams like Abishek’s can provide emergency help and support straight after an attack of persecution. Attacks on Christians in India are increasing: in the first three months of 2018, more instances of religious persecution were recorded than throughout the whole of 2014 or 2015. In response, Open Doors is aiming to double its impact in India through our local partners, reaching the most vulnerable people with persecution survival training, practical support and legal assistance.
This won’t be possible without prayers, donations and encouragement from our Christian family. Please give and pray today.
Strengthen the faith of Christians in India

Daily Missal

To accompany your worship why not invest in a St Andrew’s Daily Missal that contains ALL the Propers for ALL the Masses offered throughout the year? Several parishioners have bought copies already and this particular edition has been commended to the Holy Synod for approval.
The St Andrew’s Daily Missal also contains historical commentary and footnotes on the Feast days, devotions, prayers of preparation for before and after Mass as well as the Propers for Vespers for Sundays and major Feast days throughout the year. It also contains forms for Morning and Evening Prayer, Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and Compline. It really is a treasury of devotion!
Look out for the Daily Mass posts with the page numbers given for each Mass in the Missal.

To order directly from the publishers, visit here $68 = £52.50 approx


The Hub Volunteers

Wednesdays The Hub homeless drop in is closed this week and next! IF you can spare a couple of hours on a Wednesday morning or lunchtime when we reopen in August, why not pop along and lend a hand? The Hub takes place in the rear hall of the Congress Hall.

Conferences NEW series “Tradition” on Wednesdays

Continuing on Wednesdays after Holy Hour & Benediction, a new series of Conferences on Tradition. Each week Metropolitan Jerome will explain the nature of Tradition, how to identify and adhere to it today.

Discerning God’s will for my life…

CATECHISM CLASSES will continue THIS Saturday immediately following the end of the Mass there’ll be a quick break fast and class starts at 10am finishing at 11am. This is the perfect opportunity to invite enquirers to the Faith or come along yourself to revisit the basic tenets of Christianity.

The present series is exploring vocational discernment – what is God calling me to? How do I discover what God wants me to do? Why should I do what God wants?


This September Brighthelm are hosting the Cercle Francaise de Brighton et Hove, who will take residency well into 2020. This group comes together and welcomes new members to learn and talk all about the French language and culture. Check it out!
Every Tuesday 10 am – 12 pm in the Activities Hall, Brighthelm
This open group meets weekly to choose, play and devise music together: we play
a wide range of material – folk tunes, classical themes, and popular melodies.
No musical experience is necessary.
For more information please send an email to
or visit the website:

Cuba Saturday School Project

The Primus of the Holy Synod, Metropolitan Jerome of Selsey has chosen the Saturday School project for our sponsorship. The monthly rent of the school building is $40 per month or approximately £30, we’d like to raise a year’s rent this Lent, approximately £360 almost $500 and perhaps a little more to contribute to materials and resources for the activities.

Please prayerfully consider contributing to this worthwhile cause, perhaps donating a month’s rent for the school building? Use the button below and be clear to make the donation for “Saturday School Cuba” when prompted. God bless you.

To donate just press the button!

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We have a passion to see the United Kingdom return to the Christian faith. Our nation has been shaped and defined by this faith for hundreds of years. Yet in the last few decades, the nation has largely turned her back on Jesus and embraced alternative ideas such as secular liberal humanism, moral relativism and sexual licence. The fruit of this can be seen in widespread family breakdown, immorality and social disintegration.
A Stop Christophobia campaign has been launched by Premier Christian Radio. The success of this campaign depends highly on the number of people who support it so please share this link with your contacts on social media and sign it yourself! There is currently a momentum building, but change won’t happen unless people stand up and be counted. Together we can ensure that Christian minorities are protected from discrimination and persecution.
This site is for everyone who is concerned about the social and medical ‘transition’ of children, the introduction of ‘gender identity’ teaching into schools and new policies and legislation based on subjective ideas of ‘gender’ rather than the biological reality of sex.

For prayer…

Of your charity, please hold the following in your prayers…

For those in need… Christopher, Lyn B, Simon G, Dagmar B, Karen, Debbie G, Fr Graham F, Fr Stephen D, Heather & Susanna L-D, Finley G, Diane C, Pat, Paul, +Rommel B, Penny E, Colin R, John, Ronald, Fr Gerard H, Lilian & family, Ruth L, David G, David P, Patrick H, Debbie G, Karen K, Fr Graham F, S&A, Dave G, +Charles of Wisconsin, +Tissier, Fr Gerrard H, +Guo Xijin, +John P, Karl R-W, Fr Antonio Benedetto OSB
For those discerning… James, Manuel, Vincent, Darren, Akos, Roger, James, Adrian, Carlos, Yordanis, Nicholas
For those who mourn… Barbara R & family, Brenda W & family, Joseph S, Catherine L & family, Rev George C & family, Jean C, Margaret & Bonita C, Debbie M & family, Phil E & Family
For the recently departed… Lauretta (21.01.19), Clive Reed (23.01.19), Fr John Wright (24.01.19), Shelley Luben (11.12.18), Mick Howells (13.12.18), Daniel Callaghan (13.02.19), Alfie (Hub guest), Jill Lewis (24.02.19), Cynthia Sharpe Conger (28.02.19), Richard (Ricky) Belmonte, Fr Leo Cameron OSA (29.03.19), Fr John Corbett (30.03.19), Deacon Richard Mulholland (Easter Day), Peter, Bernard Brown (27.06.19), Peter Ellis (01.08.19)


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