Mass Centres

The Brighton Oratory, though originally founded to minister primarily in the county of Sussex based from the City of Brighton & Hove, also serves the counties of Hampshire, Kent, Surrey and South London. Click on the drop down menu above for Chapels/centres and their locations.

The Brighton Oratory offers Mass only according to the Divine Liturgy of St Peter according to the Gregorian Rite as codified by St Pius V and the Sarum Use. All other rites and liturgies e.g. Baptisms, Marriages, etc are offered according to the Rituale Romanum (Roman Ritual) and Confirmations, Ordinations etc, according to the Pontificale Romanum (Roman Pontifical).

The Brighton Oratory is fortunate to have a Provost in episcopal orders and thus is able to provide a complete sacramental life for the faithful who attend its Chapels.

We ask all visitors to please observe the following customs when attending divine worship in our Chapels; these traditional and courteous customs preserve a prayerful ambience for the benefit of all.

First time if you’ve not attended a traditional Latin Mass before, we fully recommend allowing the experience to prayerfully envelope you by not being overly concerned about following the order of Mass! “Do as they do” ref others in the congregation for standing/sitting etc. The readings, homily (sermon) and some prayers will be in English, but it is not necessary to understand literally everything being said or done to gain benefit from the experience of participating in this, one of the oldest forms of Christian worship.

Confession prior to Mass and sometimes after Mass, a priest may be available to hear Confession. In order to allow others to avail themselves of the same and the priest to prepare before Mass, please keep your Confession brief and succinct; if you require spiritual direction, an appointment may be made with a priest for another mutually convenient time.
It is customary for women to be veiled for divine worship; chapel veils are available to be borrowed for this purpose in the vestibule before the Chapel contained in a basket. Similarly it is customary for men not to wear short-sleeved clothing nor shorts for divine worship.

Holy Communion please inform the priest before Mass if you intend to receive holy Communion. Orthodox Catholics who have been baptised and chrismated (confirmed) are welcome to receive the Blessed Sacrament; other Christians in sympathy with Orthodox Catholic doctrine, are welcome to receive a benediction from the Blessed Sacrament.

For Sundays and holy days of obligation Missalettes containing the Propers/Readings of the Mass and information about the feast are available in the basket in the vestibule. Please do not take these away!

We observe a prayerful silence within the Chapel, especially before divine worship and immediately following its conclusion; please reserve greetings and conversations for the vestibule and carpark.

Offerings: no collection will be taken during divine worship, please use the collection box made available at the entrance to the chapel or offer it to the priest after Mass.