The Brighton Oratory is a registered member of the Student Christian Movement and fusion student link-up and extends a very warm welcome to all students studying at either University (Sussex/Brighton) and/or in tertiary or higher education in the city, to meet and have fellowship with us, worship with us, study with us or work with us!

We are a church grounded in an ancient expression of the Christian faith, engaged with a living tradition spanning the entirety of the Church’s experience and uniting both Catholic and Orthodox customs and theologies. We worship in a form traceable to the very beginnings of Christianity, described by Ignatius of Antioch in the early second century AD, a disciple of St John the Beloved, author of the Gospel and Epistles that bear his name and the Book of Revelation.

Though ancient in our way of worship, we are radically counter-cultural in our living out of the Christian faith. Our clergy are instantly recognisable by their traditional attire, yet are very much engaged in the secular world around us, being “tent-maker” priests after the example of St Paul,  earning their own keep and offering it for the the furtherance of the Church’s mission. We’re very much about living our faith demonstrably to the world around us and run two projects addressing homelessness in our city to which YOU would be most welcome to be a part!

We are a Scriptural community – literally – not just in the content of our worship but in our study of the Bible and its application to our own lives. We have regular catechetical classes and Bible Studies, often with Christians from other traditions and churches too. We believe firmly in the Revelation of God being discoverable and discernable in the written word as well as in the living Tradition of the Church.

We are a materially poor but spiritually rich faith community that treats every member with respect, honour and charity.

So what do we offer YOU?

  • A worshipping community like that described in Acts 2; who meet daily, break bread and bear with one another’s burdens in fellowship.
  • A witnessing community like that described in the New Testament, going out into the world as an extension of our worship, ministering to and serving those less fortunate than ourselves, with mercy, compassion and humility.
  • A learning community, studying the Scriptures and the Tradition of the Church, bringing “both new and old things” out of the treasure chest of our Christian faith.