Covid 19 update

The Chapel remains ostensibly closed to the public and is likely to remain so until the arrival of the new Salvation Army major in June/July. Our hosts have been very gracious to us, permitting us continued use of the Chapel throughout the pandemic from which to broadcast Mass and other services, despite cancelling all their own activities.

Since January, on Sundays and holydays of obligation the faithful – upon application – are able to make their Holy Communion in the narthex of the Congress Hall following the Mass broadcast. To make an application complete the form below, please note the following conditions;

  • upon entering the building, communicants should take hand sanitiser;
  • people should keep their distance from each other, at least a meter apart, both inside and outside the building;
  • face masks are to be worn at all times except at the moment of receiving Holy Communion – still administered on the tongue only;
  • talking before and after the service is strongly discouraged, an atmosphere of prayer is preferred;
  • after the blessing, the faithful should disperse quickly and quietly to the car park and exit;
  • offerings may be made electronically via PayPal “Scan. Pay. Go” using QR Code reader on an android or iPhone.

As a community we are grateful not to have been significantly affected by the Covid pandemic earlier this year and last year. This is in part due to the lockdown restrictions and abiding Government guidance, as well as the good sense and charitable compliancy and diligence of the faithful.