Carissimi: Today’s Mass; St. Louis IX, Confessor, King of France

St. Louis IX, Confessor, King of France: Missa “Os justi“ Louis IX, King of France, son of Louis VIII and Blanche of Castile, was born at Poissy, April 25, 1215. Louis was twelve years old when his father’s death made him king.At that time, his mother Queen Blanche of Castile, was declared regent and remained an…

Carissimi: Today’s Mass; St Bartholomew, Apostle

St Bartholomew, Apostle: Missa “Mihi autem nimis“ The name “Bartholomew” appears in the New Testament only on lists of the names of the twelve apostles. This list normally is given as six pairs, and the third pair in each of the Synoptics is “Philip and Bartholomew” (Mt 10:3; Mk 3:18; Lk 6:14; but Acts 1:15)….