Carissimi: Today’s Mass; St John Gualbert, Abbot

St John Gualbert, Abbot; Comm. SS Nabor & Felix, Martyrs: Missa “Os justi” Born in Florence, Italy, around the year 993, John was born into a noble family, and led a predictably frivolous life as a youth, being concerned only with the pursuit of vain amusements and romantic intrigues. However, when he was still a…

Carissimi: Today’s Mass; Pope St Pius I

Pope St Pius I, Martyr; commemoration of St Oliver Plunkett, Bishop & Martyr &  Bl. Adrian Fortescue, Martyr: Missa “Statuit ei Dominus” Today is the Feast of Pope Saint Pius I, Martyr and great Pope of the Second Century. According to the earliest list of the popes, given by Irenaeus (“Adv. haer.”, II, xxxi; cf….