Carissimi; Today’s Mass: SS Primus & Felicianus, Martyrs

SS Primus & Felicianus, Martyrs: Missa “Sapiéntiam Sanctórum” These two martyrs were brothers who lived in Rome, heirs of a family of great wealth, toward the latter part of the third century. It was through the assiduous love of Pope Felix I that they had the happiness, in their mature years, of being converted to…

Carissimi: Today’s Mass; Feria of Sunday I Post Pentecost

Feria of Sunday I Post Pentecost: Missa “Domine, in Tua” The Mass of the First Sunday after Pentecost has been replaced by the Mass of Trinity Sunday. However for ferias the following week, the First Sunday after Pentecost is commemorated as the Feria Mass. INTROIT Psalm 67: 6, 7, 36 O Lord, I have trusted in thy mercy….