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broadcast schedule

N.B. occasionally subject to change

Sunday0830Mass & HomilyXX
1800The Angelus/Regina CaeliXXX
Monday0830Mass & HomilyXX
1200The AngelusXXX
1800The Angelus & Rosary
1830“Wondering Bishop”XXX
Tuesday0830Mass & HomilyXX
1200 The Angelus
1800The Angelus & RosaryXXX
Wednesday0830Mass & HomilyXX
1200The Angelus
1800Holy Hour & BenedictionXX
2100“Late Night Catechism”XXX
Thursday0830Mass & HomilyXX
1200The Angelus
1800The Angelus & RosaryXXX
Friday0830Mass & HomilyXX
1200The Angelus
1800The Angelus & RosaryXXX
1830“Contra Mundum”XX
Saturday0830Mass & HomilyXX
1200The Angelus
1800The Angelus & RosaryXXX
1830“Old Romans Unscripted”XXX
Key: FbL = Facebook Live YtL = YouTube Live TwL = Twitch Live
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The following describe the current programmes listed above and provide the latest episode to view and playlist of previous episodes for that programme.

Mass & Homily

The daily Mass broadcast from The Brighton Oratory chapel in central Brighton, UK. Approximately an hour long with the readings repeated and a homily given in English.

Old Roman Vocations

How are Old Roman vocations to the Sacred Ministry discerned, formed and realised? If you are discerning a vocation to the Sacred Ministry and are considering exploring the possibility of realising your vocation as an Old Roman or transferring your discernment, this is the programme for you!
Questions are welcome and may be sent in advance to anonymity is assured.

Wondering bishop

Broadcast ad hoc, “Wondering bishop” is an informal conference, an intimate sharing given by +Jerome of Selsey “thinking aloud” on a variety of topics or matters concerning the Faith, mission, vocation or the state of the Church.


Tuesday’s ad hoc, “Conference” may feature various Old Roman clerics giving conferences on a wide range of subjects, usually with a spiritual dimension or concern.

Holy Hour

With exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and concluding with Benediction, an hour of guided prayer and meditation. Only available to view live/recorded via Facebook.

Late Night Catechism

“Where angels fear to tread…” conceived primarily with adults in mind, enquirers send by email questions that otherwise they would not be inclined to ask in a conventional catechetical setting about sensitive and personal issues. Broadcast every Wednesday at 9pm.

In conversation with

An ad hoc interview by the Archbishop of Selsey with guests ranging from clergy and civic leaders from around the world.

Friday Night Live

A light hearted look at religious life in a revue format with clips from TV, stage and screen. Only available to view live/recorded via Facebook.

Old Romans Unscripted

Every Saturday from 6pm following the Angelus/Regina Caeli. Discussion on religious and spiritual life, devotions etc. and a round up of the previous week’s current affairs from the world of faith.

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