Carissimi; Today’s Mass: Easter Wednesday

Easter Wednesday: Missa “Venite, benedicti” Station at the St. Laurence-Without-the-Walls. Today we honor St. Lawrence, the Cross-bearer of the Roman Church, to express our gratitude for the favor shown by him to the catechumens in bringing them to holy Baptism. The Gospel gives the account of the third appearance of the risen Savior to the Apostles….

Carissimi; Today’s Mass: Easter Tuesday

Easter Tuesday: Missa “Aqua sapiéntiæ potávit” Station at the St. Paul-Outside-the-Walls. After visiting St. Peter‘s, it was fitting that the neophytes should at once be brought to the Doctor of the Gentiles, beside whose tomb they had learned the first rudiments of the new law of the Gospel. Therefore in the Lesson from the Acts of the…