Station Thursday Lent I: Statio ad S. Laurentii

Mercifully look down, we beseech Thee, O Lord, upon the devotion of Thy people, that they who are mortified in  the flesh by abstinence, may be refreshed in mind by the fruit of good works: through Our Lord…

Station at St Laurence’s in Panisperna (via Panisperna on the Esquiline Hill, close to S. Mary Major)

The Station at Rome was established by Gregory II. in the old church of St. Laurence in Panispema, erected to the glory of the heroic deacon on the very spot where he suffered martyrdom.

The Church reminds the catechumens that since the coming of Jesus it is no longer the race of Israel alone that has the promise, but. that all can enter the Church by baptism and partake of the Eucharistic bread of the children of God. If the heathen will solemnly deny the evil deeds of his fathers and practise the Christian law of penance and charity (Epistle), his prayer will be granted as was that of the woman who belonged to the accursed race of Canaan, but whose faith was great (Gospel).

Let us seek in the Eucharist the strength required to observe Lent for it is our fasting, in conjunction with the sacrifice of Jesus, that will obtain for us salvation (Secret, Communion, Postcommunion).

Bow your heads to God. Grant we beseech You, O Lord, that Your faithful people may be aware of what they profess and may love the heavenly gift which they regularly receive: through Our Lord…