Ascension 2019 Bulletin

“And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.”

Acts 2:42


07:30Morning PrayersChapel
08:30Mass & homily StADM p.688Chapel
10:30Sunday Worship Nursing HomeWorthing
MON03.06Monday after the AscensionFeria in Octave
07:30Morning PrayersChapel
10:30Mass & homily StADM p.688Chapel
09:30Breaking FastCosy Cafe
TUE04.06St Francis Caracciolo C.Comm. Octave
07:30Morning PrayersChapel
08:30Mass & homily StADM p.1226Chapel
10:00Breaking FastRoedean Cafe
17:30Evening PrayersChapel
WED05.06St Boniface Bp&MComm.Octave
07:30Morning PrayersChapel
08:30Mass & homily StADM p.228Chapel
09:30Hub Drop in Breaking Fast BCH
17:30Holy Hour & BenedictionChapel
18:45Conference Heresies IVChapel
20:00Fish SupperBardsleys
THU06.06OCTAVE DAY of the ASCENSIONComm.St.Norbert
07:30Morning PrayersChapel
08:30Mass & homily StADM p.682Chapel
09:30Breaking FastBCH Cafe
FRI07.06Feria after the Ascension Octave.
07:30Morning PrayersChapel
08:30Mass & homily StADM p.688 Chapel
10:00Breaking FastRoedean Cafe
17:30Evening PrayersChapel
SAT08.06The Great Vigil of Pentecost.
07:30Morning PrayersChapel
09:30Mass & homily StADM p.696Chapel
09:30Breaking FastChapel
07:30Morning PrayersChapel
08:30Mass & homily StADM p.703Chapel
10:00Breaking FastRoedean Cafe


Jesus has ascended into heaven. His Divinity had never been absent; but by the Ascension, his Humanity was also enthroned there, and crowned with the brightest diadem of glory. This is another phase of the Mystery we are now solemnizing. Besides a triumph, the Ascension gave to the sacred Humanity a place on the very throne of the Eternal Word, to whom it was united in unity of Person. From this throne, it is to receive the adoration of men and Angels. At the name of Jesus, Son of Man and Son of God—of Jesus, who is seated at the right hand of the Father Almighty, every knee shall bend, in heaven, on earth, and in hell.

Give ear, O ye inhabitants of earth! This is the Man Jesus, who, heretofore, was a little Babe wrapped in swaddling clothes; who went through Judea and Galilee, not having where to lay his head; who was bound by the sacrilegious hands of his enemies, was scourged, crowned with thorns, nailed to a Cross; who, while men thus trampled him, as a worm, beneath their feet, submitted his will to that of his Father, accepted the Chalice of suffering, and, that he might make amends to the divine glory, shed his Blood for the redemption of you sinners. This Man Jesus, child of Adam through Mary the Immaculate, is the masterpiece of God’s omnipotence. He is the most beautiful of the sons of men; the Angels love to fix their gaze upon him; the Blessed Trinity is well-pleased with him; the gifts of grace bestowed on him surpass all that men and angels together have ever received:—but he came to suffer, and suffer for you; and though he might have redeemed you at a much lower price, yet would he generously overpay your debts by a superabundance of humiliation and suffering. What reward shall be given to him? The Apostle tells it us in these words: He humbled himself, becoming obedient unto death, even to the death of the Cross; for which cause God also hath exalted him, and hath given him a Name, which is above all names.

You, then, who compassionate with him in the Sufferings whereby he wrought your redemption; you who devoutly follow him in the stages of his sacred Passion; now raise up your heads, and look up to the highest heaven! Behold this Jesus, crowned with glory and honor because he suffered death! See how the Father has magnified him in return for his having emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, He who, in his other Nature, was equal with God. His crown of Thorns is replaced by a crown of precious stones. The Cross that was laid on his shoulders is now the ensign of his power. The Wounds made by the Nails and the Spear are now like five bright suns that light up all heaven. Glory, then, be to the justice of the Father, who has dealt thus with his Son! Let us rejoice at seeing the Man of sorrows become now the King of Glory, and let us, with all the transport of our souls, repeat the Hosanna wherewith the Angels welcomed him into heaven.

Nor must we suppose that the Son of Man, now that he is seated on the throne of his Divinity, is inactive in his glorious rest. No, the Sovereignty bestowed upon him by the Father, is an active one. First of all, he is appointed Judge of the living and of the dead, before whose judgment-seat we must all stand. No sooner shall our soul have quitted the body, than she shall be presented before this tribunal, and receive from the lips of the Son of Man the sentence she shall have deserved. O Jesus! by the glory thou didst receive on the day of thine Ascension, have mercy on us at that moment whereon depends eternity.

But the Judgeship of our Lord Jesus Christ is not to be confined to this silent exercise of his sovereign power. The Angels, who appeared to the Apostles, after his Ascension, told us that he is to come again upon the earth; that he is to descend through the clouds, as he ascended; and that then shall be the Last Judgment, at which the whole human race is to be present. Throned on a cloud and surrounded by the Angelic host, the Son of Man will show himself to mankind, and this time, with all Majesty. Men shall see him whom they pierced; the imprints of those Wounds, which will give additional beauty to his sacred Body, will be an object of terror to the wicked, while to the good they will be a source of unspeakable consolation. The Shepherd, seated on his ethereal throne, will separate the goats from the sheep; his voice, after so many ages of silence, will make itself once more heard upon this earth; he will speak to impenitent sinners, condemning them to eternal torments; he will speak to the just, calling them to approach him, and ascend, body and soul, into the region of everlasting bliss.

Rogation days are days of prayer and fasting in Western Christianity. They are observed with processions and the Litany of the Saints. The so-called major rogation is held on 25 April; the minor rogations are held on Monday to Wednesday preceding Ascension Thursday. The word rogation comes from the Latin verb rogare, meaning “to ask”, which reflects the beseeching of God for the appeasement of his anger and for protection from calamities.

It is quite easy, especially for modern folk, to sentimentalize nature and to forget how powerful, even savage, she can be. Time is spent focusing only on her lovelier aspects — the beauty of snow, the smell of cedar, the glories of flowers — as during Embertides — but in an instant, the veneer of civilization we’ve built to keep nature under control so we can enjoy her without suffering at her hand can be swept away. Ash and fire raining down from great volcanoes; waters bursting through levees; mountainous tidal waves destroying miles of coastland and entire villages; meteors hurling to earth; tornadoes and hurricanes sweeping away all in their paths; droughts; floods; fires that rampage through forests and towns; avalanches of rocks or snow; killer plagues; the very earth shaking off human life and opening up beneath our feet; cataclysmic events forming mountains and islands; animals that prey on humans; lightning strikes — these, too, are a part of the natural world. And though nature seems random and fickle, all that happens is either by God’s active or passive Will, and all throughout Scripture He uses the elements to warn, punish, humble, and instruct us: earth swallowing up the rebellious, power-mad sons of Eliab; wind destroying Job’s house; fire raining down on Sodom and Gomorrha; water destroying everyone but Noe and his family (Numbers 16, Job 1, Genesis 19, Genesis 6). We need to be humble before and respectful of nature, and be aware not to take her for granted or overstep our limits. But we need to be most especially humble before her Creator, Who wills her existence and doings at each instant, whether actively or passively.

Pentecost Ordinations

Pentecost is a traditional time for Ordinations and this year on the Vigil of Pentecost, Metropolitan Jerome will ordain into minor orders Bro Juniper Tuite n/CDC and Dr Robert Wilson.

Daily Missal

To accompany your worship why not invest in a St Andrew’s Daily Missal that contains ALL the Propers for ALL the Masses offered throughout the year? Several parishioners have bought copies already and this particular edition has been commended to the Holy Synod for approval.
The St Andrew’s Daily Missal also contains historical commentary and footnotes on the Feast days, devotions, prayers of preparation for before and after Mass as well as the Propers for Vespers for Sundays and major Feast days throughout the year. It also contains forms for Morning and Evening Prayer, Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and Compline. It really is a treasury of devotion!
Look out for the Daily Mass posts with the page numbers given for each Mass in the Missal.

To order directly from the publishers, visit here $68 = £52.50 approx


The Hub Volunteers

Wednesdays The Hub homeless drop in is back after a brief respite and we are always looking for volunteers to help! IF you can spare a couple of hours on a Wednesday morning or lunchtime, why not pop along and lend a hand? The Hub takes place in the rear hall of the Congress Hall.

Celebrating Faith in Action

On Thursday June 6th the city’s Faith Council is “Celebrating Faith in Action” an event taking place at The Open Market from 11am to 3.30pm and will be opened by the new mayor of the city, Cllr Alexandra Philips. There will be stalls informing the general public of the various community and social action projects the city’s faith communities are leading or involved with.

Cuba Saturday School Project

The Primus of the Holy Synod, Metropolitan Jerome of Selsey has chosen the Saturday School project for our sponsorship. The monthly rent of the school building is $40 per month or approximately £30, we’d like to raise a year’s rent this Lent, approximately £360 almost $500 and perhaps a little more to contribute to materials and resources for the activities.

Please prayerfully consider contributing to this worthwhile cause, perhaps donating a month’s rent for the school building? Use the button below and be clear to make the donation for “Saturday School Cuba” when prompted. God bless you.

To donate just press the button!

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Conferences NEW series “Heresies” on Wednesdays

Continuing on Wednesdays after Holy Hour & Benediction, a new series of Conferences on Heresies. Each week Metropolitan Jerome will give the history and contemporary manifestation of heresies that plague the Church today.

CATECHISM CLASSES will continue THIS Saturday immediately following the end of the Mass there’ll be a quick break fast and class starts at 10am finishing at 11am. This is the perfect opportunity to invite enquirers to the Faith or come along yourself to revisit the basic tenets of Christianity. “Catechumen” i.e. those enrolling to be received into the Church at Pentecost will be baptised/Confirmed during the Vigil on Holy Saturday morning.

Premier Christian Radio

Christianophobia refers to the state of being hateful or spiteful to Christians. A Christianophobe hates or despises Christians and/or what they stand for. The existence of Christianophobia should not be surprising. Jesus Himself predicted the world’s hatred for Christians: “If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you” (John 15:18–19). Christians are called not to conform to the world but to be transformed into the image of Christ (Romans 8:29; 12:1–2). The unbelieving world hates what it does not understand and, therefore, will hate those who follow Christ.

Home Office statistics from last year on religious hate crimes in England, Wales and Northern Ireland indicate there were 316 incidents (out of a total of 4213) affecting Christians between March 2015 and March 2016. Organisations like National Churchwatch who describe themselves as a ‘leading organisation for security and advice in the Christian sector’, believe anti-Christian hate crime is significantly under-reported. 

A Stop Christophobia campaign has been launched by Premier Christian Radio. The success of this campaign depends highly on the number of people who support it so please share this link with your contacts on social media and sign it yourself! There is currently a momentum building, but change won’t happen unless people stand up and be counted. Together we can ensure that Christian minorities are protected from discrimination and persecution.

Other news…

The MY BRIGHTON & HOVE Photo Project are running Photography Mentoring and Workshops which kicked off on the 2nd of Feb 2019. The group is open to anyone who is homeless or has a history of homelessness. It is an opportunity to work with professional photographers from across the city in a relaxed and supportive environment and a chance to prepare work to be exhibited as part of the Brighton Fringe in May at One Church Brighton. This is a great way to build confidence and self-esteem and brought some great results for those involved in 2018.
Workshops take place fortnightly between 2-4pm on Saturday at the Justlife Studios in the Open Market. A group of professional photographers are volunteering their time to run workshops and support participants, so it’s a fantastic opportunity for some creative advice and direction.

Horizon’s photography and video exhibition at One Church, Brighton has opened its doors to the public! It’s open everyday from 12-3pm this month showcasing its students original and varied interpretations of the theme ‘Hope’

For prayer…

Of your charity, please hold the following in your prayers…

For those in need… Christopher, Lyn B, Simon G, Dagmar B, Karen, Debbie G, Fr Graham F, Fr Stephen D, Heather & Susanna L-D, Finley G, Diane C, Pat, Paul, +Rommel B, Penny E, Colin R, John, Ronald, Fr Gerard H, Lilian & family, Ruth L, David G, David P, Patrick H, Debbie G, Karen K, Fr Graham F, S&A, Dave G, +Charles of Wisconsin, +Tissier, Fr Gerrard H, +Guo Xijin, +John P, Karl R-W,
For those discerning… James, Manuel, Vincent, Darren, Akos, Roger, James, Adrian, Carlos, Yordanis, Nicholas
For those who mourn… Barbara R & family, Brenda W & family, Joseph S, Catherine L & family, Rev George C & family, Jean C, Margaret & Bonita C, Debbie M & family
For the recently departed… Lauretta (21.01.19), Clive Reed (23.01.19), Fr John Wright (24.01.19), Shelley Luben (11.12.18), Mick Howells (13.12.18), Daniel Callaghan (13.02.19), Alfie (Hub guest), Jill Lewis (24.02.19), Cynthia Sharpe Conger (28.02.19), Richard (Ricky) Belmonte, Fr Leo Cameron OSA (29.03.19), Fr John Corbett (30.03.19), Deacon Richard Mulholland (Easter Day), Peter


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