NEW YEAR 2019 Bulletin

Acts 2:42 And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.


30.12 Sunday in the Octave of Christmas*
0830 Mass & homily
1100 Nursing Home Ministry Worthing
31.12 St Sylvester I
0930 Mass & homily
01.01 NEW YEAR’S DAY 2019*
The Circumcision of Our Lord Jesus Christ
1200 Mass & homily
02.01 Octave Day of St Stephen, Protomartyr
0700 Morning Prayers
0830 Mass & homily
0930 Breaking fast & Hub drop in
1700 Evening Prayers
1730 Holy Hour
1845 Fish Supper – Bardsleys
2000 Conference: New Year resolutions
03.01 Octave Day of St John the Apostle & Evangelist
0700 Morning Prayers
0830 Mass & homily
0930 Breaking fast
1700 Evening Prayers
04.01 Octave Day of the Holy Innocents
0700 Morning Prayers
0830 Mass & homily
0930 Breaking fast
1700 Evening Prayers
05.01 Vigil of the Epiphany (Octave Day of St Thomas of Canterbury)
0700 Morning Prayers
0830 Mass & homily
0930 Breaking fast
1700 Evening Prayers
1800 Solemn Blessing of Epiphany Waters
06.01 The Feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord Jesus Christ
0700 Morning Prayers
0830 Mass & homily
1115 Nursing Home Ministry – Worthing
1830 Epiphany Carol Service – St Paul’s West Street
* denotes holyday of obligation


Christmas Offering the clergy thank all those who gave generously and for the many gifts and tokens of appreciation received! Also THANKS to all those who gave of their time to help with the Homeless Christmas Day lunch. IF you would like to add your own gift please use the Paypal button below. Be assured of their gratitude for all your support throughout the year!

Hub Drop-in reopens on Wednesday, January 2nd from 0930 with a rolling brunch! We’re not sure how many of the regular volunteers will be around, so if you have time to spare, please volunteer!

Nursing Home Ministry if you would like to share worship with residents, we are at Worthing, December 30th 11am with Christmas Communion, leaving directly after the 0830 Mass and again at 1115 on January 6th. The service lasts about an hour and residents really appreciate meeting new people, help finding the hymns and somebody to pray with.

Epiphany Carol Service at St Paul’s West Street on Sunday, January 6th from 6.30pm

Epiphany House Blessings: if you would like your home blessed with Epiphany water and your doorways chalked with the initials of the Magi in blessing for the new year, please contact the clergy to arrange a visit in the Epiphany Octave. Water and chalk will be available to take home after Epiphany Mass if you would like to bless your houses similarly yourselves.

Cherubs Kitchen an exciting new project is on the horizon for Cherubs in 2019 and a team of core volunteers are needed for a regular commitment from January to April to facilitate a new SWEP (Severe Weather Emergency Protocol) homeless night shelter to prepare and serve food on an ad hoc basis. IF you’re interested, please ring 07423 074517

Revive & Renew Conferences on Personal Holiness if you missed them or would like to hear them again are presented below in descending order (first-last). There will be another Conference on “New Year’s Resolutions” on Wednesday, January 2nd 2019 from 8pm.


The Brighton Oratory and our apostolates are completely dependent on the generosity of benefactors and supporters. If you appreciate our daily Mass posts and broadcasts, if you support our efforts for the homeless and neglected of society, please consider making a donation using the button below…

To donate just press the button!

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