Bulletin w/c 04/11/18

DIARY 04/11/18 08:30 Mass: Sunday (IV Post Epiphany) St Charles Borromeo ___________11:00 Nursing Home Ministry, Worthing 05/11/18 09:00 Mass: Monday Feast of All Holy Relics 06/11/18 09:00 Mass: Tuesday Within the Octave of All Saints 07/11/18 08:30 Mass: Wednesday Feast of St Willibrord of the Netherlands ___________08:30 – 13:00 Hub Drop-in 08/11/18 09:30 Mass: Thursday Octave Day All Saints…

Carissimi: Sunday’s Mass; St Charles Borromeo

St Charles Borromeo, Bishop Confessor; Commemoration of Sunday IV Post Epiphany: Missa “Statuit ei Dominus” No age of the Catholic Church’s history is without its share of confusion and corruption. Still, even in moments when disorder may seem overwhelming, individuals and movements eventually arise to propose the faith with clarity and demonstrate it in action. St….