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Since the feast of Our Lady’s Assumption in 2008 the daily Mass of the Brighton Oratory faith community has been broadcast live over the internet. It was one of the first apostolates globally to broadcast live Masses in the Traditional Latin rite and remains still one of the few in Europe to do so, daily. 2018 will be the tenth anniversary of this ministry to those unable to hear Mass physically in person, e.g. the housebound or those at work, helping them fulfil, particularly on holydays of obligation, the canonical requirement to “hear Mass” but even more importantly, to worship God and hear His Word.

The broadcast medium has changed as technology has evolved. When the broadcast moved from the Camstreams platform in 2013 to BlipTV, 45’882 souls had viewed the online Masses. In June 2017 the media platform moved again from UStream to Facebook Live having accrued another 55’000 viewers and is still attracting on average 100-150 viewers per day. One recent episode was viewed by 1.9k viewers – 1’000 of them during the live broadcast itself! This despite the fact that the celebrant rarely offers Mass without a homily! Recordings – when the technology allows – are archived on YouTube (above).

The location of the broadcasts has also changed. Originally broadcasting from a domestic oratory, then to a public hall, then to a chapel created in the cellar of an Inn, and now in a chapel created in the room of a Salvation Army citadel! Due to modern technology, broadcasts have been made “on location” by the celebrant on pilgrimage and visitations, from Walsingham to Chicago! In every location however, both attendees and viewers have frequently commented on the spiritual atmosphere and feeling conveyed by the premises and appreciation for the effort taken to present the Mass worthily in such diverse and modest circumstances. Even the complex liturgies of traditional Holy Week have been consistently accommodated in these diverse locations and watched appreciatively by viewers numbering several hundred over the course of the Sacrum Triduum.

The media used to broadcast has also changed over the years, from a stationary PC and webcam, to a laptop and webcam, to now an iPhone! Though modest and despite occasional technical difficulties with wifi signals etc, most of the broadcast episodes have been recorded live and archived. But being essentially “personal” rather than “professional” media, there are of course limits on production and if the apostolate is to continue to develop, regular financial donations will be required.

If you’ve appreciated the Daily Mass broadcasts and would like the apostolate to continue and improve, please consider making a one-off or regular donation below, any excess of which will benefit our Cherubs apostolate to the homeless.

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