Volunteers needed – become a Cherub!

Our very own apostolate “Cherubs Kitchen” relaunches next month (February) and in an attempt to reaffirm its charitable objects requires volunteers to help maximise the profits generated to help the homeless in our city.

The Cherubs concept is simple; a commercial catering franchise that provides industry standard apprenticeships in catering for homeless or disadvantaged people and gives its profits to facilitate projects servicing and caring for the homeless.

We need willing volunteers to donate just a few hours of their time regularly, every week, to be ambassadors for Cherubs i.e. to be the public face of our apostolate! Essentially, the role will be to take food orders, operate the cash-till and card machine, and answer customers questions about the project and what we’re about.

We need ambassadors to cover the following hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 5-9pm and Sat 12-9 and Sun 12-6. The more volunteers the less time others will need to contribute! Folk could volunteer for the same shift every week or for a few hours of a shift every week, but regularity and reliability are key. We are operating at The Mad Hatter Inn, 7 Rock Street in Kemptown on the No 7, 1, 1a, 14c, 23 bus routes (St Mary’s Hall bus stop).

In return? We offer a free meal and travel expenses e.g. bus fare and a generous “friends and family” staff discount, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that your efforts are helping homeless people to turn their lives around.

Fr Jerome who founded and runs the project, gives of his time and culinary talents voluntarily himself receiving only expenses e.g. travel for his efforts. He is otherwise assisted by the apprentices themselves, the only people who are paid a wage. Otherwise all the money taken from food sales covers costs of supplies and contributes to the running of other homeless projects, particularly the Wednesday drop-in we partner at the Salvation Army and Fr Jerome cooks for, feeding about 70-90 people a week.

If you are interested to become a Cherubs ambassador and give just a few hours of your time a week, please contact Fr Jerome via email info@brightonoratory.org or by phone 07423 074517 as soon as possible so we can start putting a rosta together. Similarly if you’d like to help on Wednesdays at the drop-in, contact Fr Jerome as above.