Lent & Holy Week 2018

Ash Wednesday 14th February
0830 Mass with blessing & distribution of ashes
1100 Low Mass with distribution of ashes

Every Wednesday in Lent
0830 Low Mass & Homily
0930 Corporal works of mercy*
1200 Homeless Lunch
1300 Spiritual Counselling
1700 Holy Hour
1930 Caritas Study Group

Mothering Sunday 11th March
0830 Mass with blessing & distribution of flowers

Palm Sunday 25th March
0830 Mass with blessing, distribution & procession of palms

Holy Monday: 1200 Mass
Holy Tuesday: 1030 Mass
Spy Wednesday
0830 Mass
1630 Tenebrae
Maundy Thursday 29th March
0930 Mass of the Lord’s Supper (with Chrism)
1630 Tenebrae
Good Friday 30th March
0930 Veneration of the Cross & Mass of the Presanctified
1130 Procession of Witness to Old Steine
1630 Tenebrae
Holy Saturday 31st March
0930 Lighting of the New Fire, Praeconium, Vigil & First Mass & Vespers of Easter
Easter Sunday 1st April
0830 Mass of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ

*helping with the homeless drop in, clothes exchange, facilitating showers, table-hosting, serving teas/coffees, washing up, serving lunch