Christmas Offerings

Father Jerome OSJV (Archbishop of Selsey) would like to thank in advance all those who very thoughtfully and generously offer him gifts at Christmastide and those viewers of the daily Mass broadcasts who offer donations towards the running costs of that invaluable ministry. However, this year, in lieu of personal gifts and offerings for the Mass, he respectfully asks that donations be given toward the Cherubs Kitchen apostolate addressing homelessness. Donate Button with Credit Cards

Olive, a regular Wednesday drop-in guest

Founded by Father Jerome in 2013, Cherubs Kitchen has sought to address the issues of homelessness by seeking to facilitate change in the circumstances of affected people’s lives. Rather than just fundraising or supporting people in homelessness, Cherubs Kitchen provides the support, skills and experience necessary for people to move out of poverty and provide for themselves. Offering NVQ apprenticeships and work rehabilitation/placement schemes, people who for various reasons have become homeless or enduring hardship, are offered the opportunity to train or retrain and find entry into work. Cherubs Kitchen does this by operating commercial yet “not-for-profit” catering franchises where professional standards are paramount but where people returning or new to such work can learn and train in a supportive environment. Apprentices armed with experience from Cherubs Kitchen have gone on to work in or even manage other commercial kitchens themselves, taking with them skills, knowledge and professionally accredited certificates.

Omar, on work-placement

However, the past year has been particularly difficult for Cherubs Kitchen with rising costs and rents as well as a drop in sales as the financial recession continues to tighten its grip and restrict people’s leisure purses! Committed to giving a percentage of profits to local homeless charities as well as covering the cost of statutory exams for apprentices, its become particularly challenging for Cherubs Kitchen to meet its running costs, charitable objectives and support its apprentices. Your donation in token appreciation and support for Father Jerome’s efforts will alleviate some of the stress and anxiety he endures, trying to keep the apostolate on an even keel and support those he’s desperately trying to help and bring hope to. Cherubs Kitchen receives no funding other than from what it raises through sales and voluntary contributions from individuals. Few realise that Father Jerome himself, aside from cooking lunch every Wednesday for up to 100 homeless guests at the drop-in, works upwards of 80 hours a week in the Cherubs kitchen, cooking and mentoring the apprentices, volunteering his time to keep running costs down.

Matt, homeless volunteer

Your contribution, of whatever you can afford to give as a token of appreciation for the daily Mass broadcasts and Father Jerome’s charitable efforts, will help to off-set the running costs and maximise the profitability of Cherubs Kitchen, and enable this important work to continue into 2018.

Suggested donations:
£60 cost of Food Hygiene Certificate course
£60 average cost of a set of Chef’s Whites

£75 average weekly grocery bill
£105 average apprentice’s weekend wage
£120 average weekly butcher’s bill
£200 cost of First Aid at Work course
£200 cost of a set of Chef’s knives

Donations can be made securely online using the button below…
Donate Button with Credit Cards

Alternatively, cheques may be made payable to:
The Most Reverend Jerome Lloyd
c/o 40a Roundhill Crescent, Brighton, England BN2 3FR

If, however, you’re unable to make a financial offering, Father Jerome would certainly appreciate any of the following;

Your time: Offering to help with things like sacristy laundry or sourcing Mass supplies would be a welcome gift. There are always volunteering opportunities too helping with the homeless and Cherubs.

Qualifying apprentice, Kamal

Spiritual bouquet: Priests need our prayers more than anything, so buy a simple card, and write on the inside, “Father, I will say one Rosary per month for the next year for your intentions.” Or any other prayer you like. Just make sure you follow through on your promise.

Have a Mass said: Priests offer Masses for special intentions all the time, but seldom get Masses offered for their intentions. Arrange to have one said in another parish (so he doesn’t have to say his own) and include the intentions of his parents and siblings. Recognizing that he is part of a birth family as well as a spiritual family is sure to touch his heart.

Metropolitan Jerome’s immediate family includes…
Marianne (sister) & Luke (brother-in-law)
Maureen (sister) & Ian (brother-in-law), Kevin (nephew) and Helen (niece)

Metropolitan Jerome’s particular Mass intentions would be for…
His ministry with the homeless
His apostolate with Cherubs Kitchen
His ministry as Primus and Archbishop

[Main photograph: Metropolitan Jerome in the kitchen with servery and hall behind at the Wednesday drop-in]