Bulletin w/c Sunday 07/05/2017


brightonoratorylogoThe Brighton Oratory is an Orthodox Catholic faith community of ordinary people diverse in age, background, experience and talents who are committed to deepening their spirituality in, through and with the love of God expressed in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ modelled on the experience of the Apostles and the Early Church described in Acts 2:42-47. As a community we seek to welcome everyone, especially the poor and disenfranchised, whether in spirit or in love. We are simply a faith community seeking to encourage, support and develop individually and together our spirituality and understanding of the Divine, that we may experience both in this life and the next, the Kingdom of God in us.

Jubilate Sunday is the third Sunday after Easter. It is called this because in the liturgy of the Catholic Church the first line of the introit for that day’s mass is “Jubilate Deo omnis terra” (“Shout with joy to God, all the earth”) from Psalm 66 (65). The liturgy for this day, and for the next two Sundays, continues to celebrate the Easter resurrection.

The Church rejoices because Christ is risen and has delivered us (Alleluia); so she sends up cries of joy (Introit), and sings the praises of God (Offertory). “A little while and now you shall not see Me”, said our Lord in the Cenacle… and you shall lament and weep” and “again a little while and you shall see Me… and your heart shall rejoice” (Gospel). When the apostles beheld our Lord again they experienced this joy which still overflows into the Easter liturgy. And just as Easter is a type of the external Pasch, so this is the same joy which will be felt by the Church when, having with sorrow begotten souls to God, she sees her Lord once more, triumphant in Heaven, at the end of time; but a short season compared with eternity. He will change our sorrow into joy which no man shall take from us (Gospel). This holy joy begins here below, for our Lord has not left us orphans, but comes to us by the Holy Ghost, whose grace fills us with the hope of future bliss. As strangers and pilgrims journeying to heaven in the train of our risen Lord, we should not cling to the vain pleasures of the world but rather as St. Peter tells us, we should follow the precepts, positive and negative of the Gospel (Epistle), that professing ourselves Christians, we may “reject those things which are contrary to that name, and follow such things as are agreeable to the same” (Collect). So may we come to the heavenly kingdom whose joy and glory are described for us by St. John. “One of the seven angels said to me: Come and I will show thee the bride, the wife of the Lamb. And I saw the new Jerusalem coming down out of Heaven prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. Alleluia. How beautiful is she become, this bride from Lebanon” (Response). Let us eat the Lord’s Passover, that this nourishment of our souls may protect also our bodies (Postcommunion), and that subduing our worldly desires, it may make us love the things of heaven (Secret).


07 MAY SUN 0830 Mass: DOMINICA III post Pascha Pro Populo Of obligation
08 MAY MON 1000 Mass & Homily: Apparition of S. Michael the Archangel David Goddard+
Tracy Davenport RIP
Of pious devotion 
09 MAY TUES 1000 Mass & Homily: S. Gregory the Theologian Beverly Newton
Peter Piggot RIP
10 MAY WED 0830 Mass & Homily: Ss. Gordianus & Epimachus, Martyrs John Harman
Gordon O Laughlin+ RIP
11 MAY THUR 1000 Mass & Homily: Feria Quarta Jean Border
John Border RIP
12 MAY FRI 0830 Mass & Homily: Ss. Nereus, Achilleus & Pancras Diane Cole
Joe Tandy RIP
13 MAY SAT 1000 Mass & Homily: Sanctae Mariae Sabbato Janie Thomas
George Thomas RIP
14 MAY SUN  0830  Mass: DOMINICA IV post Pascha Pro Populo Of obligation

Missed or can’t make Mass? Watch the LIVE or RECORDED episodes on this page!


MASS please note the times of Masses. These are sometimes subject to change – please keep checking back here for any alterations.

BULLETIN please check back on this online version for each day any additions/amendments will be made here. If you have any notices or would like the names of loved ones for prayer included, please email

ASDA GREEN TOKENS please remember that apostolate “Cherubs Kitchen” has been nominated for the ASDA Hollingbury Green Tokens scheme for April/May/June! Shoppers receive a green token to place in a collection box for a local community/charity project, at the end of the collection period, the project receiving the most green tokens is awarded a donation! If we’re successful in receiving a donation, the money will go towards supporting our apprentices and their statutory training costs not included in their NVQ e.g. Food Safety Certificates, First Aid and Health & Safety training.

FATHER GEORGE von Abel is still looking to move to Brighton & Hove to begin assisting in our Mission’s ministry. To do this, Father needs a new job and a new home! Please keep your eyes peeled for management or supervisor roles in hotels or restaurants locally. Please forward details of any potentially suitable positions via email here. Remember that our priests are bi-vocational and generally need financially to support themselves.

TENTMAKING SERIES in preparation for our missionary endeavour later this year, the Provost is publishing a series of articles about mission. Please do read them and continue to pray and think about how we can spread the Good News to our friends and family in Brighton & Hove! These reflections were the basis of our Lent discussions.

CARITAS STUDY GROUP after the recent series this past Lent, the group has decided to continue to meet once a month! The next meeting is likely to be at the beginning of May. Look out for details!

CATHOLIC CULTURE The Sign of the Cross is a symbolic ritual gesture which marks the four points of the Cross on Calvary over one’s body. It also represents loving God with all one’s heart, soul, mind and strength. The sign of the cross is most often made at the name of the Holy Trinity, to show reverence for a saint, holy object, or person, at the beginning or end of a prayer, to show humility or agreement, or on numerous other occasions which may vary slightly according to regional/ethnic practice or personal piety. Some Orthodox may make the sign of the cross a hundred or more times during a Divine Liturgy or lengthy service.

Peter of Damascus (12th Century) gave the following instruction: Then we should also marvel how demons and various diseases are dispelled by the sign of the precious and life-giving Cross, which all can make without cost or effort. Who can number the panegyrics composed in its honor? The holy fathers have handed down to us the inner significance of this sign, so that we can refute heretics and unbelievers. The two fingers and single hand with which it is made represent the Lord Jesus Christ crucified, and He is thereby acknowledged to exist in two natures and one hypostasis or person.

The use of the right hand betokens His infinite power and the fact that He sits at the right hand of the Father. That the sign begins with a downward movement from above signifies His descent to us from heaven. Again, the movement of the hand from the right side to the left drives away our enemies and declares that by His invincible power the Lord overcame the devil, who is on the left side, dark and lacking strength.


Apparition of S Michael the Archangel The Easter feasts are those of angelical spirits, for the Resurrection “gives joy also to the angels,” says St. Gregory, “because in opening heaven to us again, it makes up for the losses which their ranks had sustained.” The feast of the apparition of St. Michael, the chief of the celestial hosts, shows forth, in this Paschaltide, all the grandeur of the Saviour’s triumph. St. Michael himself comes to defend us in battle (Alleluia). He came down from heaven (Ibid.) and appeared in Italy towards 525 under the pontificate of Gelasius I, in Apulia, on the summit of Monte Gargano, near the Adriatic and the ancient Siponto. He requested that a sanctuary should be erected to him where God should be worshipped, in memory of himself and all the angels, and this place became celebrated on account of numerous miracles.

S. Gregory the Theologian Gregory was born at Nazianzus in Cappadocia. He was educated at Athens in all the sciences, at the same time as St. Basil the Great, with whom he was always united in the bonds of a holy friendship. Brothers in their studies, they remained brothers in their monastic life and in the episcopate. Having become bishop of Nazianzus and later patriarch of Constantinople (Communion), he was the “light which raised on the candlestick sheds its rays on all those who dwell in the house” (Gospel). Filled with “the spirit of wisdom and intelligence” (Introit, Epistle), his profound knowledge of the Scriptures earned for him the title of Doctor and Theologian, which the Church has confirmed. St. Gregory died in 389.

Ss. Gordianus & Epimachus, Martyrs Gordian, a Roman judge, was converted by a holy priest whom Julian, the Apostate, would have liked him to condemn. He was martyred towards 360 and was buried in the crypt where already lay the remains of the martyr St. Epimachus (+ 250), brought from Alexandria.

Ss. Nereus, Achilleus & Pancras Nereus and Achilleus, officers of the household of Flavia Domitilla, a niece of the Emperors Titus and Domitian, were baptized by St. Peter. The Gospel praises their faith when it praises that of the officer who obtained the cure of his son and believed in Jesus. These saints having inspired Domitilla with the resolution to consecrate her virginity to God, Aurelianus, her betrothed, accused them all three of being Christians. Out of hatred for Christ, they were put to death under the Emperor Trajan at Terracina (about 100 A. D.). Their bodies rest in Rome in the church of St. Nereus and Achilleus. This church was stational on Monday in Holy Week, but the bad state of the building caused the station to be transferred to St. Praxedes’s, in the XIIIth century. St. Nereus’s was restored in the XVIth.

St. Pancras was arrested in Rome at the age of fourteen and put to death towards 275, under Diocletian, for having refused to sacrifice to the gods. His constancy earned for him a place among the saints whose joy he shares (Epistle, Communion).


Community Cafe and Charity Shop Please consider supporting this new venture in the Annexe building once generously loaned to us for worship by our friends in the Salvation Army. Open for business 9-4pm Monday to Friday. Why not visit the Cafe for breakfast after daily Mass…?

THREE SCORE DANCE South East Dance is supporting weekly contemporary dance classes for older people (60+) across Brighton & Hove who are interested in having fun and improving their health along the way. It meets on a Monday afternoon, 2 pm to 3.30 pm at Dorset Gardens Methodist Church. Led by Three Score Dance Company’s Rehearsal Director, Jason Keenan Smith, the class will include contemporary dance technique and explore creativity. No prior dance experience is needed. Suitable for: all abilities (aged 60+). Places are strictly limited. For enquiries/bookings please contact Jacqueline Hadlow 01273 696844.

LUNCHTIME RECITALS Every Tuesday Lunchtime at the Chapel Royal, North Street 1.10 to 1.55 All seats £3.00 at the door. Click here to see this season’s Programme

LUNCHTIME RECITALS Every Wednesday at St Nicholas’ Church, Dyke Road 12:30pm lasting for half an hour. A minimum donation of £3.00 towards recital expenses is appreciated. The recitals provide a perfect break for you to have your lunch and relax before heading back to work. Please bring your own sandwiches. Tea and Coffee is available for a donation.

SING & SIGN encourages speech and language development in babies through the use of action songs and gestures. They meet at Dorset Gardens Methodist Church on Wednesday mornings. For information about the group please visit their website: www.singandsign.com

Quiz Night: The Musical East of Brighton Musical Theatre Co.10, 17, 24, 31 May 20:30 £8(£6) [1hr] at The Verdict, Edward Street Every Wednesday night is ‘Quiz Night’ at Brighton Fringe this year! An intimate, original musical portrait of two friends as they try to avoid discussing real life, brought to you by almost legendary East of Brighton musical theatre pairing, Jenny Alborough (director) and Adrian Reilly (composer). Join Simon and Claire down the pub as they attempt this crucial heart-to-heart during an actual pub quiz – put your quiz hats on and you too can play for the pot. No Googling allowed!


Bike for Life – Bicycle Maintenance Course Saturdays, 6 and 27 May, 3 June, 12 noon – 6pm Bruce, Brighton’s star bike man, is back in St Mary’s (Upper Rock Gardens) church hall on Saturday, 6 May to run the first of Bike for Life’s next, three-part bicycle maintenance course. Each session runs for six hours on a Saturday, from 12 noon, and provides intensive, hands-on tuition. With the odd tea break thrown in for good measure. If you can’t make this course, Bruce will be running another three-parter beginning in July, with courses also in September and November 2017. Website

CAMEO LUNCH for senior citizens Thursday 25 May at The Mad Hatter Inn, Rock Street (Kemptown) our monthly lunch supporting the work of our apostolate “Cherubs Kitchen“. A very reasonable “prix fixe” set menu of homemade traditional dishes with the opportunity to meet other people of a similar age! Contact Shirley to reserve a place on 07773 991670.

Kemptown Community Market Saturdays, 13 and 27 May, 10.30am – 4pm An exciting and tasty initiative St Mary’s (Upper Rock Gardens) church hall. Local food producers and suppliers offer a fabulous range of breads, raw milk, cheese, pies, charcuterie, gluten-free cakes, chocolate, chutneys, jams and pickles, alongside an eclectic mix of art, jewellery, soaps, cards, and collectables and bric-a-brac from local creatives. Plus there are the lovely folk from the Sussex Beacon who take care of the teas and coffees.

COFFEE MORNING Saturday 27 May at 17 Fernhurst Crescent 10am – 1pm in aid of “Sussex Nightstop” (see above) and “The Martlets” Hospice.


THE HUB HOMELESS DROP-IN We’ve created a welcoming environment for our guests and serve them with dignity and respect and so we are seeking volunteers willing to serve at table and help us create a welcoming café like environment every Wednesday. We also need help in the kitchen too for, as the suburban proverb says, “many hands make light work” and we’d like to lighten the load of existing volunteers by having enough people to have a roster! That way everyone can enjoy giving of their time and not feel overly burdened or committed! We need volunteers anytime between 0830 and 1400 for all or a couple of hours, we’d be grateful for any time you can give! If you’d like to join our existing team of faithful volunteers and help us serve the most needy and often deserving of humanity struggling to get by without the security that most of us enjoy with a roof over our heads… please text/phone Fr Jerome on 07423 074517 or just turn up on a Wednesday!

TIME TO TALK BEFRIENDING Volunteering as a befriender provides much needed friendship for older people who might otherwise be alone and feel cut off from society. Befriending is a mutually rewarding experience which is life giving – so if you have a heart for older people, live in Brighton and Hove, Adur or Worthing, and would like to make a difference to help reduce feelings of loneliness among the older population then please don’t hesitate to contact us today! Tel: 01273 737710 or email info@timetotalkbefriending.org.uk

COFFEE SHOP & CHARITY SHOP in The Annexe, Salvation Army desperately needs reliable volunteers to help serve customers, sort and rotate stock, etc. Phone: 01273 607095

COMMUNITY LUNCH on the Fifth Sunday of the month at Dorset Gardens Methodist Church, a drop-in and hot meal from 2pm-4pm. The meal is aimed at those who are homeless, vulnerably housed or those who feel excluded or on the periphery of society. We currently have an average of about 60 people coming each quarter. As well as providing a good quality hot meal (cooked by a team of volunteer cooks on site) we give people a chance to relax – we provide hot drinks and people have a chance, to chat to read the papers or just to be quiet. We have a great team of volunteers – Some prefer to stay in the kitchen and others help set out the hall, serve our guests and wash up. This is a joint project in partnership with Sleepsafe. To volunteer telephone 01273 503348


Of your charity please pray for the following for whom prayers have been asked…

General intentions: Janie Thomas, Karen Knight, Debbie Gaston, Nik Wooller, Connor Hannington, Remi Hannington, Sarah Daniel, Joshua Solis & Family (bereavement), Colleen Anderson

Thanksgiving: Neveah born 01:03 on 22/02/2017 (parents, Libby & Freedom) John & Jean Marchant (62nd Wedding Anniversary year) Joyce & Jim Babcock (65th Wedding Anniversary year), Fr Jerome (various), Petr Jašek (freed from imprisonment & persecution), Kerry Potter (improving in health), John Andrew Dorsey IV (new born), Roger & Jenny Alborough (25th Wedding Anniversary this year)

Health & well-being: Stefan Bell, Patrick Hannibal, Jessie Wise, Jesse, Margaret, Frazer & Albert McCue, Sarah Hannington, Maureen, Marge, Joy Gale, John Marchant, Ida Liffey Gordon, Father Philip Johnson, Vkiki Kennedy, Rev Hassan Taour and Abdulmonem Abdumawla (unjustly imprisoned), Canon Andrew White

Discernment: Matt Timmis, Darren, Paul Schofield, Lou Regan, Kamal Abdallah, Simon Gangloff, Li

Vocational: Tom Gierke, Jamie Alaniz, Fr George, Fr Emilio, Li, Daniel Selzle


Of your charity please pray for the souls of…


Victims of the London Terrorist attack:
PC Keith Palmer
Aysha Frade
Kurt Cochran

Peter Pigott d.18.04.17 (63) funeral 28.04.17
Sam Wheeler d.02/02/17 funeral 03/03/2017
Betty Spicer d.13/02/17
Marilyn Belvin Brown d.21/02/17
Stanley Horsey d.27/02/17
Hosea A. Solis d. 18/03/17 aged 10

01.05.02 John Nathan TURNER
01.05.08 Martin “Monkey” STRAHAN
01.05.09 John Eifion LLOYD-JAMES (priest)
09.05.86 Alice STANDRING
13.05.09 Joe TANDY
17.05.09 Herby ROGERS
21.05.91 Harold George Stanley CAVE
29.05.09 Patrick NEWLEY
31.05.82 Richard STANDRING