An invitation: Holy Hour, Fellowship & Study

cticblogo2abIt is customary in Lent to mark the holy season by adding (rather than subtracting) activities and this year we are inviting members of Churches Together in Central Brighton to join us both in prayer, fellowship and as usual, in study. Beginning today (Thursday, March 2) at Brighton Congress Hall…

Holy Hour

5-6pm In an atmosphere of quiet reflection, candlelight and gentle music, we will offer an hour of worship, a time simply “to be” with God while we try to grow in our relationship with Him particularly in this holy season. Christians are invited to simply participate as they feel they’d like to, either allowing the music to wash over them in prayer, take the opportunity to just sit in silence with God, light a candle in token of prayer for someone, or just use the time for concentrated personal and interior reflection surrounded by others in worship. People are free to come and go during the hour, there will be no formal beginning nor close to the worship. Holy Hour will be held in the “Chapel” near the front entrance of Brighton Congress Hall.


6.15-7.15pm (approx) Whether having joined us for prayer or joining us later for study, we cordially invite fellow Christians to “go dutch” with us at a local eatery after Holy Hour and before Caritas. A time to simply enjoy each other’s company and eat a meal together, get to know each other and share our faith together. Meet at the front of Brighton Congress Hall for a short walk together to a local eatery.

Caritas: study “Discipleship: tentmakers”

From 7.30pm a discussion and Scripture study on “Discipleship: tentmaking” reflecting on St Paul’s attitude to vocation and ministry. Both the Apostles Peter and Paul explain evangelism as being ready to answer questions about our faith (1 Peter 3:14-16 Col. 4:5-6), and living our lives demonstrably as Christians i.e. putting into practice what we believe. We will explore not just the theological but also the practical ways and approaches to living out our faith in our day to day lives in such a way that we can fulfil our divine charge and bring others to salvation. Our Lord taught us to pray “Thy will be done” (cf Matthew 6:9–13) and we know it is the will of God revealed in Christ that all receive salvation (1 Tim. 2:3-61 & 4:9-11). We will meet in the “Prayer Room”, entrance via the rear car park of Brighton Congress Hall. 

Future dates

After today’s initial start, due to absences there will be a brief hiatus for two weeks before the next Thursday get-together. So if you’re unable to make tomorrow, then please consider joining us on the following dates but at the same times given above… Thursdays, March 23rd & 30th and April 6th.