Jan/Feb Service times

Please note the following NEW Mass times during the month of January up to Candlemass 2015; all services at the Chapel in the Inn

Monday to Saturday

12-12.15pm Confessions
12.30pm Mass

4.45-5pm Confessions/Counselling
5-6pm Holy Hour

06 Jan, Tuesday: Epiphany

11.00 Blessing of Epiphany Water
12.30 Mass

Sunday Masses

04 Jan: 08.30 Mass
11 Jan: 11.00 Mass
18 Jan: 11.00 Mass
25 Jan: 08.30 Mass
01 Feb: 08.30 Mass

02 Feb, Monday: Candlemass

12.30 Blessing of Candles & Mass

N.B. due to clergy vacation there will be no services from 03 Feb until the 13 Feb inclusive; services will resume Saturday 14 Feb, 12.30 Mass, 18.00 First Mass of Sunday & Sunday 15 Feb, 11.00 Mass

18 Feb: Ash Wednesday

07.30 Confessions
08.00 Mass & Ashing
12.00 Confessions
12.30 Mass & Ashing
13.30 Austerity Lunch
14.00 Ashing @ Churchill Square
16.30 Confessions
17.00 Holy Hour & Ashing
18.00 Austerity Supper

Lent 2015

In addition to the service schedule the following additional services/activities:

Austerity Meals: after the daily Mass & evening Holy Hour an opportunity for Christians to break their fast together in fellowship sharing a simple vegetarian meal courtesy of “Cherubs Kitchen”

CARITAS: a weekly ecumenical Lenten discussion group, a daytime and an evening will be offered to explore Scripture, Apostolic and contemporary Christian witness, look out for details!

CATECHISM: for enquirers to the Christian faith or those interested in becoming Latin Rite Orthodox Catholics, or those desirous to know more about their faith. A weekly meeting scheduled to the mutual benefit of those concerned.

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