Carissimi: Today’s Mass; St Dominic

St Dominic, Priest & Confessor: Missa “Os justi” Saint Dominic (Spanish: Santo Domingo), also known as Dominic of Osma and Dominic of Caleruega, often called Dominic de Guzmán and Domingo Félix de Guzmán (1170 – August 6, 1221), was a Spanish priest and founder of the Dominican Order. Dominic was born at Calaruega, Spain, studied at the Univ….

Today’s Saints: St Dominic, Confessor

SAINT DOMINIC FOUNDER OF THE FRIARS PREACHERS, CONFESSOR—1170-1221 Dominic, founder of the great order of preaching friars which bears his name, was born in the year 1170 at Calaruega, Castile, Spain, of a noble family with illustrious connections. His father, Don Felix de Guzman, held the post of royal warden of the village; his mother,…