Carissimi: Today’s Mass; Feast of St Benedict

Feast of Saint Benedict, Abbot and Religious Founder; Comm. Feria V Passiontide: Missa “Os justi” Known as the “Father of Western Monastic Life,” Saint Benedict is the founder of the Benedictines. Born in 480 into a noble family in the village of Nursia, Italy, he studied in Rome but, fearing he would succumb to the licentious…

Station Passiontide Thursday I: Statio ad St Apollinarem

Grant, we pray Thee, almighty God, that the dignity of humankind, impaired as it is by self-indulgence, may be restored by the practice of wholesome self-denial: through Our Lord… The Station at Rome is in the church of St. Apollinaris, who was a disciple of St. Peter, and afterwards bishop of Ravenna. He was martyred….