Q&A: Death for dishonesty?

Q: “Some women who have an illicit affair and become pregnant know that to confess would blow a good marriage apart, break up a family, leaving children motherless. The danger here is the ‘Back street’ abortionist. Desperate situations call for desperate measures! 
Human nature being what it is, people WILL fall in love, WILL have sex outside of marriage. If all abortion clinics close, women WILL find these illegal operators with knitting needles at the ready. Often this results in the death of the mother and the baby or in terrible damage to the unborn child.”

A: Death for dishonesty? We know the old adage well, “two wrongs don’t make a right” and here in this scenario could this sage proverb have greater truth? Whether legal or illegal, is abortion the only solution to the problem? Is death the only answer?

We must never give in to sin and evil just because it is “easier”… Life is life – white lies or well-intentioned obfuscation may be appear acceptable in certain situations, the possibility of taking life is never acceptable and certainly not to be regarded as a “lesser of two evils” if sin or wrong-doing is perpetuated or promoted thereby over the life of an innocent victim? Is it reasonable, is it fair that a child intended and purposed by God should be murdered for the sake of superficial propriety? For the sake of perpetuating a lie i.e. in this case for the sake of a fake marriage, one that has clearly lost its central and essential component of charity, of love, of faith, of hope and respect one for the other? No, this cannot be “reasonable” and this cannot be “just”.

Is it unfair of God i.e. because of His law of love and life? No, He didn’t bring about this situation, that His gift of freewill was abused by the one who chose to be unfaithful? Is it God who will “blow a good marriage apart, break up a family, leaving children motherless”? No, those are decisions only the relevant parties can make. Would a good husband, a good man be justified taking recourse to any of those options in preference over the death of an innocent? Should he divorce his wife and leave his children motherless? Or should he forgive his wife? Which would be the better man, the one who forsakes or the one who forgives?

Is death the only answer? Is an abortion whether legal or illegal the only answer? No. There is life – there is the possibility of giving the child up for adoption (possibly making another couple’s marriage fruitful), there might be forgiveness, rebuilding of trust, even the possibility of repairing the marriage bond… even the possibility of charity, adopting the child as the couple’s own! Sin can never be condoned by allowing evil, victory.

We cannot blame God or the innocent for the actions of grown adults, responsible human beings who should know how to behave and who know how to take proper responsibility for their actions. “Human nature being what it is” well indeed, that is the forfeit of freewill, does that justify its misuse?

Is the birth accidental just because of the circumstances? No. No life is “accidental”, God purposes everyone into existence, however the nature of the “circumstances” may appear…

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I set you apart for my holy purpose…” Jeremiah 1:5

“And in Your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them.” Psalm 139:13-16

The issue for the wider Church is our duty both to a) protect the life of the innocent that God has purposed for existence, and b) to accept our responsibility to provide alternatives to abortion. There must be an alternative to “back-street” abortions and it would seem to be finding homes for the babies, and support materially and morally for the women. That means a greater outpouring of charity than currently exists in the Church! That’s both in terms of giving financially and materially but also, perhaps more importantly, in terms of understanding and forgiveness. The avoidance of the Lord’s command not “to judge” others is why back-street abortions existed… less judging and more forgiving by the Church would go a long way to stem a perception of need for a reversion to such barbaric operations.

Nobody against abortion doesn’t appreciate that there are genuine and very serious occasions when an abortion may be required for the health or even life either of the mother, the baby or both. These occasions are very rare though [stats of 6.3 million abortions in England and Wales since 1967, just 143 where a woman’s life was in danger]. However, if the present generation cannot be trusted to bring up its own young, then the Church must step in to protect the future of humanity. Exaggerated over-statement? As the population growth controls in China and South Korea are beginning to prove, population regulation brings its own problems including the dangers of infanticidal genocide, an unsupportable aging generation and inevitably a restricted potential of future growth generationally and economically… /tbc…

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  2. Great post and answer! This prayer was taught to me years ago by Bishop Lawrence Graziano (RIP+) and I say it every day: “May the unborn who have been aborted, be baptized in the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit +; and be granted eternal life through the Precious Blood of Jesus.”

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