Finding silence…

The following demonstrates a simple exercise that those for whom I’m a spiritual director will recognise and even those whom I have directed musically will recognise some of the technique. Its true that there is too little silence in our contemporary lives – recreationally there is a tendency to fill our time with more noise, more activity more social interaction when, actually, what might be more beneficial for us is some real “me time”… By that I don’t mean being selfish, but certainly we could all benefit with having a few moments solitude in our lives… just “to be”…

The first is almost a “demonstration” video offering a simple technique for beginning meditative silence. The second is the first episode of a BBC TV series following five secular individuals trying a “retreat”…

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  1. Thank you so much. This fulfilled a need in me this morning.
    An opportunity to commune with God in a busy life,helped me to get things into proportion, took away the feeling of hardly being able to cope,and just replaced it
    with a deep sense of calm and that deep feeling of peace which only God can give.

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